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"[Kristina Valentine] is an amazing intimacy coordinator. She really cares and made me feel so comfortable."

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"I am an intimacy coordination convert. [Kristina Valentine] got the most out of our actresses because they felt safe, empowered, and beautiful."

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"Getting to know Kristina both professionally and personally has felt like coming home to a warm light in the window in an industry that, at times, can feel cutthroat and impersonal.  Her kindness, curiosity, and perceptive nature have impressed me beyond a doubt that she is a sound choice for any project since discussing intimacy coordinating in-depth with her on several occasions.  While mentoring Kristina during the production of Treatment, I was reassured by her flexibility when handling the challenges of working with new and diverse casts and crews.  Her capacity to prioritize both actor and crew safety while providing support for all is exactly what the industry needs.  I would recommend her for any of your intimacy work and look forward to collaborating with her the future."


Acacia (intimacy coordinator, writer, director)

"I have worked with Kristina on several productions, and she is easily one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, driven, and safest presences I've ever worked with. Simultaneously a consummate professional and an extremely positive absolute joy to have in a rehearsal room. The thirst for knowledge she has followed in both receiving training and her own independent study in this urgently essential field is truly inspiring, and her passion for safety, advocacy, and promoting a kinder, progressive culture of consent have never ceased to amaze me. I could not recommend her more highly to have on absolutely any production. She can only make it better."


"If you're looking for a wonderful, patient, and incredibly creative intimacy coordinator [Kristina Valentine] is your person! She's a dream to work with, always has a solution- can't recommend her enough."

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"I can't imagine working on a scene like this without an intimacy coordinator now."

"I can't imagine working on a scene like this without an intimacy coordinator now."

Brian J. Smith (actor)

On set with Kristina for Treatment

"I can't imagine working on a scene like this without an intimacy coordinator now."


"Kristina is such a joy to have on any set. She brings a professional, safe environment without ever sacrificing warmth and care. Your actors are likely to find new depth in their choreography and maybe even some laughter along the way!"


Charis Storms (director, photographer)

"Kristina Valentine was a student of mine at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I worked with her three out of her four semesters she was there. Her growth during this time was impressive. 

What struck me most about Kristina is twofold. First, she was never satisfied with "just good enough" - she would continually press me to push her more. Second, she was fearless in overcoming her nerves. By being fearless and relentless, she challenged herself and set a great example for her classmates.

As a person, Kristina is honest and trustworthy, with a quirky sense of humor. She not only set the bar high for her classmates, she was a calm and funny source of relief. Many times I saw Kristina comfort a classmate who was having trouble or find a way of defusing a tense situation. Kristina's nonjudgmental nature combined with a good sense of humor was a blessing in class. I recommend her fully."

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