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Intimacy Coordination

  • As an intimacy coordinator, my goal is to support you and collaborate with your team to tell the story you want to tell in a consent-based way that honors the boundaries of everyone involved. 

  • I will assist in drafting riders for nudity and simulated sex for the actors involved.

  • I will collaborate with the director to choreograph the movement, breath, and sound of the intimate scenes.

  • I will teach your team boundary exercises, tools, and de-sexualized and de-loaded language to support a professional and consent-based environment.

  • I will work with the costume designer to ensure ease and comfort of the actors and assist in the acquisition of modesty garments and robes if necessary.

  • I will provide my kit, which includes various barriers, adhesives, knee pads, personal hygiene items, etc.

  • I am mental health first aid certified. This means that in the event of a mental health crisis (ex. a panic attack) I can provide immediate support and provide resources for accessing ongoing care outside of the set. (Note: This training is not equivalent to that of a mental health professional. Please see for more information.)

  • I offer my lived experience as a queer woman to act as a consultant to help ensure your project is being executed with authenticity to and without exploitation of those identities. 


I'd love to speak and share my expertise wherever it could be useful, whether it be on intimacy coordination or practicing consent. I can provide your group with engaging activities/discussion and resources for continuing education. 

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