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My background as an actor for theatre, tv, and film, and my education in a performing arts conservatory taught me how necessary the role of an intimacy coordinator is. I experienced first-hand the power imbalances in classrooms, rehearsal-rooms, and film sets that  make it difficult for us to set boundaries and take care of ourselves. I knew that harm was being enacted and that something needed to be done about it. 

As soon as I learned about intimacy coordination, I dove into research and training. I took dozens of hours of classes and workshops, read piles of books (see my reading list), and found community and mentorship. Now, I find artistic fulfillment and healing in doing the work of an intimacy coordinator and I dedicate myself to harm-reduction in our industry and beyond. Alongside promoting a consent culture, my goal is to center the awareness of and opposition to white supremacy, ableism, transphobia, and cis/heteronormativity in my work, and from that perspective, provide support for ethically created storytelling.

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Does your project need an intimacy coordinator? 
Questions to ask!

  • Does the scene require nudity or simulated sex of any kind?

  • Does the scene contain heightened sexually charged physicality?

  • Does the scene require any non-sexual instances of otherwise intimate/vulnerable  moments? (ex. Utilizing an actor’s lived experience of race, gender, sexual/romantic orientation, disability, or culture?)

  • Does the scene require a nudity or simulated sex rider?

  • Is the director confident in handling this scene appropriately and navigating the actors in physically and emotionally uncomfortable moments?

  • Is there a specialized movement you do not know how to approach or choreograph? (ex. strip tease, lap dance, group intimacy, BDSM)

  • Are there any power dynamics or pre-existing relationships within the company that may necessitate the use of an outside eye? 

  • Is the crew up to date on all closed set protocols?



"...she is easily one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgable, driven, and safest presences I've ever worked with."

Jo DiNozzi (director, producer, fight choreographer)

"Her capacity to prioritize both actor and crew safety while providing support for all is exactly what the industry needs."

Acacia (intimacy coordinator, writer, director)

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